Willets Point Real Estate

ap-willets-pointThose who want to live close to the New York City’s action, but not right in the city, might want to consider the Willets Point area. This area, which just underwent a $3 million dollar neighborhood beautification project, is the perfect place to get away from the hectic city and raise a family.

More people are being attracted to the mature tree lines streets and ample real estate that is economically available. Let’s face it, many have to work and commute to the city, but they do not have to pay big city pricing for their housing. Here a homeowner can get more than a concrete sidewalk with their home, a lush green yard for the children to play in, is the perfect way to spend the days.

The schools here have better demographics, than those in the bigger city. Small classrooms where learning opportunities abound. Teachers are able to spend more time, one-on-one with their students and share the appreciation for each child’s unique learning abilities.

This area is a ’60-acre peninsula on the Flushing River in Northern Queens known as Willets Point.’ This area has often been know as the “Iron Triangle.” The area was once populated with auto repair shops and scrap lumber yards. Though there is not a great deal of housing available in this area, the housing market here is strong and economical. One can find apartments for purchase in great price ranges, or houses starting at $100,000 and up.

This area once got a bad wrap due to not having sidewalks and being a “junk yard,” however since the city beautification project, things have improved allowing home owners to see an increase value in their once iffy property values. While it may not be the first area to choose for housing, this area of Queens is quickly becoming an up and coming neighborhood that should be considered for economical housing solutions.

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