Who is Mr. Forest Hills

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself to you. As a longtime member of the Queens community, it gives me great pride to serve the real estate needs of my neighbors. Having often been referred to as “Mr. Forest Hills” by my clients over the years, I feel that I have a valuable reputation to live up to. My clients respect me not only for my professionalism and expertise, but also because of my friendly customer service and knowledge of the Forest Hills community.

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Ridgewood Real Estate

While looking for homes in Queens, many buyers opt to purchase Ridgewood real estate. Established in the early 1700s, this area was initially inhabited by Dutch settlers. There are plenty of reasons for the attraction to Ridgewood, including the convenient location, rich history and educational options.

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Arverne Real Estate

ap-arverneArverne is a unique, vibrant neighborhood in the borough of Queens in New York City. It is nestled in the center of the Rockaway Peninsula and is home to a diverse population and a very wide range of home designs. These two factors are arguable two of the most important reasons for the high amount of interest in Arverne real estate. Real estate in this part of New York City often doesn’t last for very long and there are a couple of good reasons for this.

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ap-holliswoodHolliswood is a charming neighborhood in east central Queens New York. Holliswood was established in 1884 when land developer, Fredick Dunton rode through on the railroad. He fell in love with the rolling green hills and decided to buy some land and start building. This rural neighborhood is very unique because it was built with circular streets and no sidewalks. An interesting fact about the streets is that all of the circular streets have the letter “O” in the street name. The lots are very large and offer a more quiet and family friendly feel. Still close to the city this neighborhood is a perfect fit for any family big or small.

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South Jamaica Real Estate

ap-south-jamaicaLocated in Queens, New York, South Jamaica offers affordable real estate, an excellent location and a diverse, vibrant community filled with a bevy of shops and restaurants to choose from. South Jamaica real estate is ideal for families, young professionals and commuters to Manhattan. Among the finest neighborhoods in Queens and indeed all of New York City, South Jamaica’s unique blend of affordable home prices and suburban charm is almost impossible to beat in today’s New York City housing market.

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Investment Coop Mortgages

investment-coop-mortgagesInvesting in a coop is a wonderful idea that can ultimately provide you with considerable financial benefits. While some investors will pay cash when buying a coop, most will take advantage of the benefits associated with leveraging their investment and will seek out a coop mortgage. While residential real estate investment loans are seemingly plentiful, finding coop mortgages can be more challenging. The good news is that you can find great loan terms on a coop mortgage when you turn to MortgageDepot.

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Howard Beach, Queens New York

howard-beach Howard Beach was established somewhere around 1890’s by William J. Howard. He operated a goat farm that provided him the materials for his glove manufacturing business. He started buying land and building houses on it to create a community. Slowly the area continued to grow with the development of a railroad station that opened in 1905, a fishing pier, a beach, and a casino that came along around 1915.

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Willets Point Real Estate

ap-willets-pointThose who want to live close to the New York City’s action, but not right in the city, might want to consider the Willets Point area. This area, which just underwent a $3 million dollar neighborhood beautification project, is the perfect place to get away from the hectic city and raise a family.

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Kew Gardens

ap-kew-gardensAs you look for a home in Queens, you might be impressed by the upper middle class neighborhood of Kew Gardens. The history behind the neighborhood is fascinating, beginning in 1875 with the opening of a cemetery. With the establishment of a train station soon after, a neighborhood began to grow. Today, Kew Gardens real estate is a great investment for a family.

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Howard Beach Real Estate

ap-howard-beach-real-estateHoward Beach is a middle class neighborhood in Queens, bordered by the Belt Parkway and Jamaica Bay. The community was established in the late 1800s when a glove manufacturer chose this area to build a goat farm. He continued to buy land and build cottages and a hotel, bringing people to the area. He even developed streets and water mains. Today, Howard Beach real estate includes homes

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